Tracfone Promo Codes – Latest Tracfone Coupon Codes 2012

by admin on January 12, 2012

TracFone is a largest company of pre paid wireless business. In this post we tried to list latest Tracfone promo codes for 2012. It is a no contract cellular telephone and airtime provider. It is great choice for simplicity and affordability. Many popular handsets are featured including LG and Nokia. It is known for money equating and  wireless minutes. You just need to buy a TracFone phone and there are no contracts, credit checks and commitments.

The TracFone prepaid service is the most versatile. It provides great coverage that has its towers around 30 carriers in US. This prepaid cell phone subscriber is offered to more than 11 million subscribers.

Tracfone Promo CodesSome of the pros of using this service are no service fees or activation fees, domestic rates for international destinations and it is economical when double minutes facility is used. However, text messaging service might be expensive and it is not supported for hi tech devices. Check the newest android phones from Straight Talk, Virgin Mobile and Net10. There are several new and exciting promo codes for minutes and new Android phones. Visit Tracfone site for latest deals and promo codes.

Here are some of the TracFone promotional codes so that you can avail the best deals and discounts.

Some of the working TracFone Promo codes for 2012:

TracFone Offer: Buy the Samsung T245G & Get Double Minutes For Life!

67861 – 60 extra minutes on a 60 minute card.

77578 – On activating 200 minute card one can get at least 100 extra minutes

78254 – On activating 1 year card it provided bonuses.

58324 – Get 60 extra minutes on 120 minute card

21480 – On a 1 year card get 300 bonus minutes

98456 – Get 40 bonus minutes on 60 minute card

32210 – Get 20 bonus minutes on 120 minute card

Some codes for 40 bonus minutes on 200 minute card are 85476, 88398, 89306 and 86692.

Double Minutes for Life with Samsung T245G

Tracfone 1 Year Card at Amazon for only $75

It is a great deal those you recharge their card annually instead of every 3 months. This card is usually for $100 but at present it is for only $74.99 along with free shipping.

Tracfone Promo Codes List

Buy Samsung T404G for $59.99 and get triple minutes for life and free accessory kit. The phone fetters 2 mp camera, bluetooth wireless technology, QWERTY Keypad, video recorder and MMS picture messaging.

– Grab free phone when you will buy LG401G/60 Minute Card Bundle for $19.99

– With Tracfone Wireless get free overnight shipping

– Buy cell phone starting at $9.99

– Bundle offer

Buy a LG410G/60 minute card bundle and feet a free LG410G (reconditioned)

Get Free Shipping at TracFone!
Get Free Shipping at TracFone!

How to use Tracfone Promo codes

One can add Aitime over landline. Getting through the customer service system might take long. It is better to write down Tracfone serial number (ESN) with customer service number (1800-867-7183).

One can add Tracfone Airtime with prepaid menu by going to the menu then Prepaid. You just need to add the promotional code after 15 digit PIN Number. Another quick way is to add form computer. Go to and click add/buy Aitime button.

Please add more Trackfone promo codes in comment section below. Also update if any of the mentioned promo code is not working or expired.

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